Consultant Profile

Will Burnfield

Managing Director, Financial, Privatization and Regulatory Consultancy Practice

Mr. Burnfield is the Managing Director responsible for Great Village's Telecom Regulatory, Privatization and Financial Consultancy Practice. Over the past 20 years, he has led advisory teams on over 50 telecom sector regulatory, privatization and financing projects. He has led numerous telecom policy, legislative, regulatory and training projects for governments, regulators and banks around the world, including for EBRD and World Bank. He has also advised on numerous telecommunications privatizations, structurings, and restructurings including of public private partnerships for telecommunications infrastructure such as national and regional fiber optic backbones and submarine cables. As Managing Director, Global Investment Banking, CIBC World Markets, he advised telecommunications and power companies regarding financings, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory policy and implementation during a period of rapid deregulation. As Vice President and Director, Investment Banking, Mr. Burnfield was responsible for CIBC World Markets' Latin American investment banking.

He has training and experience in telecommunications regulation, law, finance and business, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to project management and regulatory advice. Mr. Burnfield completed a B.A. (Economics) at Queen's University, an L.L.B. at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, and an M.B.A. from the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario, and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. Mr. Burnfield teaches in the M.B.A. program of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto

Mr. Burnfield is fluent in English and also speaks Spanish, German, and French.

Mr. Burnfield's recent international project work includes

  • 2020 – Nigeria – Broadband Options: Advisor to World Bank and Government of Nigeria Broadband Plan Committee

    Mr. Burnfield advised the Committee, which is developing the nation's policy to support rollout of broadband infrastructure across the countries and decisions by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.

  • 2019-2020 – Uzbekistan – Advisor to World Bank and Government of Uzbekistan on development of a Telecommunications Sector Transformation and Infrastructure Development Roadmap to guide the sector 2019-2022

    Mr. Burnfield assisted with incorporating the World Bank's Digital CASA program to support development of the digital economy in this rapidly growing country with the largest population in Central Asia.

  • 2017-2018 – Myanmar – Establishment of New Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

    Mr. Burnfield advised Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to establish the Myanmar Communications Commission (MCC) – the planned independent sector regulator (with Incyte Consulting)

  • 2017-2019 – Republic of the Marshall Islands – ICT Sector Analysis and NTA Readiness Assessment

    GVIC team advised Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority (the sole, state-owned operator in the country) and the Cabinet of the President, completing a telecommunications market demand assessment; analysis of strategic options (including management contract, privatization and PPP) to increase infrastructure investments and financial and operational performance.

  • PPP Transaction Advisor for the Implementation of Broadband Backbone Networks (Construction of Fiber Optic Submarine Cable) in 3 Caribbean Countries (Feb 2017)

    Mr. Burnfield led the team which advised the Governments of St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on negotiating the contract for the Public Private Partnership to construct and operate a new submarine cable linking two of the countries, as well as Government Wide Area Networks (GWANs) and internet access in schools in each of the countries.

  • West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) - Dark Fiber (May 2016)

    Legal Advisor WAPP Secretariat and World Bank on structuring of the Consortium Agreement by seven West African countries to monetize their fiber optic infrastructure (dark fiber, high points and colocation infrastructure) as part of the WAPP electricity grid, by making this capacity available for lease by telecommunications operators. Advised government-owned and private electricity utilities in Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal

  • CARCIP / CTU / ECTEL: St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada (2015-2016)

    Advised ECTEL, the regional telecommunications regulator, and NTRCs on regulation and pricing for wholesale access to submarine cable capacity, national fiber optic backbone and local loop (2015-2016) Project Manager advising the regional telecommunications regulator ECTEL and national regulators in three Caribbean countries on submarine cable and terrestrial fiber wholesale access regulation and pricing, local loop unbundling and pricing and content for IXP access. Also advising on improving retail access to fixed and mobile broadband via implementation of new telecommunications legislation and new regulatory framework. Caribbean Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) and Caribbean Telecommunications Union, funded by World Bank

  • Liberia: Advice to Government on Divestiture of ACE Submarine Cable Landing Station (2013-2016 – World Bank)

    Advisor to Ministry of Finance on tender process for divestiture of the Government's 55% ownership interest in the Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL). In consortium with CADMOS, Bird&Bird, JIDCOM

  • Sierra Leone: Advice to SALCAB, owner of ACE cable landing station on financing of national and regional fiber optic backbone (2013-2014 – World Bank)

    Financial and Technical Advisor on development of business plan and financing strategy for national and regional fiber optic backbone. Advisor on tender documents to introduce private investors into SALCAB. For bmp Telecommunications Consultants (Germany)

  • Liberia: Universal Access Fund Regulatory Framework, Training and Implementation (2013-2015 – World Bank)

    Advisor to Liberia Telecommunications Authority and Ministry on development of universal acces policy, regulations and establishment of UA Fund. Advisor on tender projects for rural community internet centers. Consortium with Incyte Consulting (Scotland)

  • Papua New Guinea: Advice on Universal Access Fund and Network Upgrade to 3G (2013-2014)

    Advisor to National ICT Authority on establishment, institutional organization and staffing of Universal Access Secretariat, including development of regulations and procedures to create, manage and operate Secretariat. Advisor on structuring technical requirements and tender process to upgrade components of national network to 3G. With DNTA

  • EBRD Regional – Arab Countries, CIS, Balkans 2012 Electronic Communication Law Assessment Project: Project Director and Telecom Legislative Expert (2011-2012 – EBRD)

    Co-authored assessment of the legislative framework for the telecommunication sector for 26 transitional countries, to assist investors in determining investor climate in countries studied. Countries assessed: Arab Countries: Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia. Balkans: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia (incl. Kosovo), Turkey. Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Mongolia.

  • Georgia: Advice to Regulator and Ministry on National Broadband Infrastructure and Frequency Management (2011-2013 – EBRD)

    Advisor to Government and Telecommunications Regulator GNCC on planning, costing and financing of national broadband infrastructure and frequency management strategy. Developed new regulations for infrastructure access and sharing and cost models for broadband access. In consortium with J Kanervisto (Finland), PDL and Cullen International.

  • Liberia: Advice to Regulator on ACE Submarine Cable Regulatory Framework (2011-2012 – World Bank)

    Advisor to Liberia Telecommunications Authority on technical, financial and regulatory framework governing ACE submarine landing point, including development of price cap financial model for sale of ACE capacity, used to impose price caps for capacity leases for STM1, E3 and E1 capacities (West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program WARCIP). Consortium with Incyte Consulting (Scotland)

  • Georgia: Interconnection Expert, EBRD Spectrum Refarming, Digital Switchover and Infrastructure Sharing Project (2011-2012 – EBRD)

    Project to advise ministry and regulator in Georgia on development of national telecom policy, amendments to electronic communications law, develop and implement spectrum refarming and reallocation plan, advise on country's digital switchover, complete market analysis for infrastructure access, and develop access and infrastructure regulations

  • Armenia: Advisor to Regulator on Infrastructure Access and Planning of National Broadband Network (2012-2013)

    Advisor on planning, costing and financing of national broadband infrastructure and development of regulations for infrastructure access and sharing and cost models for broadband access. For ASTEC (Ireland).

  • Sao Tome and Principe: Technical and Financial Advice on Ace Submarine Cable Landing Station (2010-2011 – World Bank)

    Technical and Financial Advisor to Government of Sao Tome and AGER on Shareholders Agreement between Government and the incumbent telecom operator formed to jointly own the PPP holding cable landing station. Advice on Government on negotiation of operating and maintenance agreement for the Sao Tome landing station SPV, between incumbent operator and the PPP which owns the landing station. Developed Business Plan and Financial Model for Sao Tome PPP and Distribution of ACE Capacity. Advisor on wholesale and retail price caps for capacity leases and internet access and plan for distribution of wholesale and retail international connectivity throughout Sao Tome

  • Turkmenistan: Privatization Expert, Turkmenistan Mobile Communications Sector Advisory Assignment (2011 – EBRD)

    Advised the Government of Turkmenistan on privatization options for Altyn Asyr, the government owned mobile operator, and the award of new GSM licenses, as part of an EBRD advisory team

  • Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine: EBRD Regulatory Training Programme (2010 and 2011)
    Training programme for Government ministries, regulators, and operators:
    • Regulatory aspects of interconnection and interconnection charging
    • Managing public consultations
    • Tariff structures and regulation, Tariff Rebalancing
    • Financial analysis for regulatory accounting
    • Cost modeling, application to retail and wholesale charges
    • Universal service policy and regulation

    For J. Kanervisto Consulting in conjunction with Development Dynamics and Cullen International

  • WATRA:Advice on Compliance with Regional WATRA Submarine Cable Guidelines (2010)

    Advisor to Liberia Telecommunications Authority on compliance of Liberian regulations with West Africa Telecommunications Reglators Assembly (WATRA) Guidelines for submarine cable connections

  • Mozambique: Third Mobile License Tender Process (2010 – World Bank)

    Advice to Mozambique National Institute of Communications (INCM) on management of international tender process for third mobile license.

  • Liberia: International Connectivity Options Including ACE Cable Assessment, National Backbone Analysis (2010 – IBI INTERNATIONAL - USAID)

    Assessment of ACE Submarine Cable and other international connectivity options for Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs. Development of Action Plan for development of Monrovia Fiber Optic Ring and Rural Backbone. Analysis and Recommendations to rebuild Liberian banking sector.

  • Ukraine: Training to SME’s in Strategic and Financial Planning, Responding to Financial Crisis (2010)

    Will Burnfield is providing advice and training to Ukraine’s Northwestern Regional Center for Innovative Development and its SME clients in strategy and financial planning, financing alternatives and responding to the recent global financial crisis. The Center was founded by the State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovations to provide support to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Volyn and Rivne region of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine: Advice and Training to Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (2010)

    Will Burnfield is advising Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS), a leading Ukrainian MBA programme and advanced executive development programme, on development of strategic plan, building international partnerships with successful international business schools, and training faculty. Mr. Burnfield will lead Executive MBA seminars in investment banking and responding to global financial crisis and participate in round table discussions with local and national practitioners on financial issues.

  • Moldova: Implementation of 2008 Telecom Law and Comprehensive Regulatory Training Programme (2009-2011)

    Leading comprehensive EBRD project to amend and implement new Telecom Law in Moldova. The project will align Moldova’s telecommunications sector regulatory framework with EU framework, to support Moldova’s application for accession to the EU. Great Village is advising the Moldovan telecommunications regulator, National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications, and Information Technologies (ANRCETI) and Ministry of Information Development with a team of 15 international telecom sector experts. Tasks include:

    • Development of regulations to implement the law, including interconnection, tariffing, licensing, Universal service, numbering, number portability, carrier selection / pre-selection, cost modelling, retail minus and price ceiling tariff regulation
    • Telecom sector policy
    • Market analysis to designate relevant markets, SMP operators, remedies under EU Framework
    • New Reference Interconnection Offer
    • LRIC Plus cost models for major operators
    • Comprehensive 6 week regulatory training programme for the Moldovan regulator in all aspects of telecom regulation. The training includes licensing, market analysis, interconnection, tariffs, numbering, number portability, local loop unbundling, universal service.

  • Montenegro: Universal Service regulations and amendment of 2008 Telecom Law. EBRD (2009-2010)

    Advising the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications and the national telecommunications regulator (EKIP) on the development of Universal Service Regulations, and amendments to the Law on Electronic Communications to align the legislation with EU Telecommunications Framework for 2010.

  • Liberia: Interconnection Regulations, Reference Interconnection Offer, Cost Models, consultation, Confidentiality, Dispute Resolution, Enforcement Regulations. World Bank (2009-2010)

    Advised Liberia Telecommunications Authority, the national regulator, on development of new Interconnection Framework, including new interconnection and access regulations, cost models and Reference Interconnection Offer. Also developed regulations for public consultation, confidentiality, dispute resolution, and enforcement. Provided regulatory training in interconnection, confidentiality, dispute resolution and enforcement issues. Provided training in international best practice in interconnection policy and regulation.

  • Liberia: Feasibility Study on strategic alternatives for Liberia Telecommunications Corporation. World Bank (2009-2010)

    Completed Feasibility Study to develop alternatives for Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (Libtelco), the national CDMA operator. The study assesses strategic alternatives to prepare for the company's privatization and investment by strategic partner, including issuance of new comprehensive universal license, financing alternatives, operating plan. Developed detailed bottom up financial and economic model of the Liberian telecommunications market to assess impact on Libtelco and Liberian government of strategic options for Libtelco.

  • Privatization Advisor, Mali: Privatization of SOTELMA (Incumbent fixed line telecom) World Bank (2008).

    Advised the World Bank on the privatization process for SOTELMA, the incumbent fixed line telecommunications service provider in Mali. Mr. Burnfield's work included advice and comment on the documentation and procedures developed by the privatization advisors to the Government of Mali for the international competitive bid tender process established to sell a controlling interest in SOTELMA to a strategic partner.  Privatization was successfully completed via sale of equity to Morocco Telecom.

  • Project Director, Tajikistan: Communications Sector Cooperation - Phase I Legal and Regulatory Development. EBRD (2008 - 2009).

    Led team of 5 consultants that advised the Executive Office of the President, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the telecommunications regulator on development of new communications sector policy and Communications Law to extend the liberalization embodied in the 2004 Law on Electronic Communications.

  • Telecom Regulatory and Legal Expert, Liberia: Development of Licensing Regulations. World Bank (2008).

    Advised Government of Liberia and Liberia Telecommunications Authority, the national telecom regulator, on development of licensing regulations for the telecommunications sector under the new Telecommunications Law in Liberia. Provided training in international best practice in licensing.

  • Project Director, Montenegro: Interconnection and Tariffing Project. EBRD (2007 - 2008).

    Led team of 8 Great Village telecom experts which advised the national telecom regulator for Montenegro, the Agency for Telecommunications and Postal Services (Agentel). Led comprehensive six week training programme for AGENTEL and operators; developed new or revised regulations for interconnection and tariffing; confidentiality; compliance; dispute resolution; market analysis and SMP determination. Instructed regulator in conducting market analysis and SMP determination in EU-defined markets; developing LRIC costing and tariffing models of three network operators. In association with McCarthy Tetrault (Toronto) and Karanovic & Nikolic (Belgrade and Podgorica).

  • Project Director, Kyrgyzstan: Communications Law Revision Project. EBRD (2007 - 2009).

    Led team of 5 lawyers that advised telecom regulator, the National Communications Agency, on revision of primary telecommunications legislation, the 1998 Law on Electronic Communications, as well as related secondary and implementing legislation. Advised regulator on conduct of public consultation process to support law revision. In association with McCarthy Tetrault.

  • Project Director, Kyrgyzstan II: Interconnection and Tariffing Project. EBRD (2006–2007).

    Led team of 11 experts that advised the National Communications Agency on the revision of interconnection and tariffing regulations; developed new regulations for confidentiality, compliance and dispute resolution; developed LRIC costing and tariffing models of the main licensed operators. Advised NCA on public consultation process to support the revisions. In association with McCarthy Tetrault and Ovum plc (London).

  • Telecom Regulatory Expert, Telecom Sector Analysis and Regulatory Advisory Assistance to the Government of Mozambique. World Bank (2007 to present).

    Advised national telecommunications regulator in Mozambique, the Instituto Nacional das Comunicações de Moçambique (INCM), on market analysis of the telecommunications and Internet sector in Mozambique. Identified and provided recommendations to resolve regulatory bottlenecks and constraints to investment and growth in telecom sector . Led team of field staff from Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, that conducted direct research in Mozambique to identify telecom market trends and needs, including demand studies in the provinces of Maputo, Nampula and Beira, as well as detailed interviews with local operators, INCM, the Government of Mozambique, urban and rural groups / businesses and other stakeholders. Conducted workshop for regulatory staff on market analysis and impediments to commercial provision of service and regulatory remedies.  DNTA in association with Great Village and McCarthy Tetrault.

  • Project Director, Kyrgyz Universal Access Project. EBRD (2005–2007).

    Developed national universal access strategy and legislation to implement Universal Access Fund. Recommended options to resolve impediments to ICT Investment. Led team of 10 Kyrgyz field staff which completed telecom demand study in six rural Kyrgyz villages and designed Universal Access pilot project.

  • Consultant to Ministry of Communications of Liberia. World Bank (2006).

    Assessed strategic alternatives to rehabilitate the fixed line sector. Prepared documents for international competitive bid process.

  • Project Manager, Liberia Infrastructure Project to Develop National Telecom Policy. World Bank (2005–2006).

    Completed market analysis of Liberian telecom sector. Assessed and recommended measures to increase private sector investment in the telecom sector including identifying impediments to private investment. Evaluated strategic alternatives for the national fixed line incumbent.

  • Privatization Advisor for Kyrgyz Telecom Privatization. CAIE (2002).

    Advised Central Asian Industrial Enterprises, which was engaged by the Government of Kyrgyzstan to manage the privatization of the national incumbent operator.

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