Consultant Profile

Sean Jordan

Associate Consultant


Mr. Jordan has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of projects in the meat-processing sector. He acts as a consultant in livestock procurement, slaughtering, meat processing, abattoir/meat plant audits and the marketing of processed meat products.

Mr. Jordan has extensive practical and commercial experience internationally in small and medium size meat processing enterprises as well as large-scale operations, as well as in the production and marketing of a wide range of meat products to a variety of markets.

Mr. Jordan has completed meat processing advisory projects worldwide, including in Jordan (assessment for accrediting Jordanian establishments as suppliers of processed meat to the EU market), the Russian Federation (assessment of meat processing plants and retail operations, market analyses, beef marketing and development of agricultural marketing/cooperative groups), the Czech Republic (evaluation of slaughterhouses and determination of investment needs), Turkmenistan (meat processing advisory), India (audit of current practices and systems in meat manufacturing and livestock plant), Kyrgyzstan (coordination of refurbishment of meat processing plant and retail stores), South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia (advisory work with large supermarket butchery operations).

Mr. Jordan holds a Bachelor of Technology in Meat Processing Technology from the College of Technology, Dublin, and a Diploma in Fresh Meat Hygiene and a Qualification in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point-H.A.C.C.P. Irish Standard 343 2000 from the National Training Centre, Ireland. Mr. Jordan is the former Chairman of the Irish Masters Butchers Federation.

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