Consultant Profile

Ralph Govin

Associate Consultant


Dr. Govin has over 30 years experience in the agricultural sector internationally, with particular experience in agricultural extension, rural entrepreneur developments, technology development in agro-processing, export market development and technical assistance to agro-food processing industries. As Team Leader, Advisor and Expert Consultant, he has been involved in organizational development, institutional strengthening and counterpart training on numerous international projects.

Dr. Govin has completed international assignments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Dr. Govin's recent international experience includes

  • farmer, agro-processing and food processing consulting assignments in Uganda, Russia, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Armenia and Jamaica
  • agricultural sector consultant to the governments of Columbia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Zambia and Nicaragua
  • agricultural training coordinator in Lesotho
  • agro-processing advisor in Indonesia

Dr. Govin earned a Ph.D. in Food Science from Rutgers University, a Masters in Food Science from University of California and a Bachelor of Science in Tropical Agriculture from Maratwada University, India. Dr. Govin speaks fluent English, Hindi and Urdu and basic Spanish. He is a United States citizen.

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