Consultant Profile

Peter Lowes

Associate Consultant


Mr. Lowes is a senior operations executive with 35 years experience in the food industry. He has International experience in the bakery, biscuits, dairy and prepared meals processing sectors.

He is the former Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, of the Bakery Division of Parmalat Canada and former President Nelson's Dairy, Toronto. Mr. Lowes is former President, Business Development Division, of largest supplier of field rations to the US Army and past President of Association of Canadian Biscuit Manufacturers.

Mr. Lowes has experience in general plant operations, procurement, distribution and logistics, in several food industry sectors in Canada, the USA and the UK. He has extensive experience in business and financial evaluation of acquisition candidates, negotiation of acquisitions and divestitures, and the integration of acquired companies into current businesses.

Mr. Lowes is experienced in

  • implementing plant rationalization, process re-engineering, and continuous improvement programs to reduce delivered cost of product
  • implementing manufacturing resource planning programs to improve customer service levels and capacity utilization
  • initiating management assessment and development programs, and operator skills-training programs to improve organization effectiveness

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