Consultant Profile

Peter Lundy

Associate Consultant


Mr. Lundy has over 37 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. He holds an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Management Science. Having worked in over 40 countries, Mr. Lundy has significant experience relevant to the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of telecommunications reform, such as

  • Lead contractor and telecoms consultant for the EU/EBRD Telecoms Regulatory Development Programme, including the design and management of the project's training programme.
  • Examined progress of all EBRD countries of operation in terms of telecommunications sector progress, providing an up-to-date bank of case studies in telecommunications reform.
  • Team Leader for an EBRD competition development assistance project for the government and telecommunications regulatory agencies in Kazakhstan, including the establishment of universal services policy, retail tariff rebalancing and non-discriminatory interconnection charging, with appropriate regulatory training for their implementation.
  • Team member of the EC project to support the Croatian Telecommunications Agency to meet the requirements in the telecommunications sector for accession to the EU, where he managed the design and execution of the project's training component.
  • Project Director of the PTK J.S.C. (Kosovo's incumbent telecoms operator) Young Executive programme and support to organisational development, personnel, and cross-functional projects.
  • Team Leader of the EC Technical Aid to the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS) Support to Uzbekistan Posts and Telecoms Authority, including assistance in establishing the sector regulator with appropriate training and development.
  • Team Leader of the EC Technical Aid to the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS) projects to establish four Regional Telecommunications Training Centres in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and Uzbekistan.
  • Project Director of the EC Phare Emergency Reconstruction Programme in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with integrated training for the divided telecommunications communities.
  • Project Director of the EC Phare Regional Telecommunications Training Programme for Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, FYR of Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
  • 21 years operational experience in British Telecom, including the establishment of the BT Master's Programme.

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