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Patrick Trautmann

Associate Consultant


Mr. Trautmann has over 40 years of experience holding senior positions in banking and international banking consulting with assignments including on-site work in many countries. He is a consultant with BearingPoint Consulting and has expertise in a range of financial sector subjects, particularly corporate, SME, and micro-lending banking, agri-business, capacity building, training, correspondent banking, and working with central banks. Mr. Trautmann is well traveled, with significant experience in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East. Previous to BearingPoint, Mr. Trautmann worked for Crédit Agricole as a credit officer overseeing lines of credit with funding from the EBRD. He also worked as an independent consultant as part of Trautmann Associates.

Mr. Trautmann completed an International Business degree from École des Cadres du Commerce et des Affaires Économiques in Paris, France, in 1995 and received the Chevalier dans l'ordre du Mérite Agricole de la France award. He is fluent in both English and French (dual-national of the U.S. and France holding both U.S. and E.U. passports) and has understanding in Spanish.

Mr. Trautmann's international project work includes:

  • Senior Business Consultant, Sudan: Bank of Southern Sudan (1999–present—USAID). Mr. Trautmann established and managed a Banking Training Center for the Bank of Southern Sudan (BoSS). He monitored the construction of the Banking Training Centre, chose and ordered furniture and equipment to fit the specific training needs, defined potential targets and assessed the training needs by interviewing potential candidates, designed specific training curriculum for banking and non-banking local institutions, organized and conducted seminars, classes, round tables, and seminars, and managed and administered the day-to-day operations of the Centre.
  • Senior Consultant/Credit Advisor, Iraq: Iraq Economic Recovery Project I and II (2003–2007—USAID). Mr. Trautmann was responsible to the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to train the Examiners of CBI in all matters pertaining to credit and lending. He reviewed, improved, and updated Examiners' manuals, internal documents, and instructions to commercial banks concerning credit issues, as well as organizing professional seminars. He also assessed, developed, trained, and strengthened the credit departments of the State-owned Banks in Iraq.
  • Senior Consultant/Reserves Management Advisor, Afghanistan: Afghanistan Economic Governance Project (2003—USAID). Mr. Trautmann managed the Foreign Reserves of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, reactivated and developed Correspondent Banking relationships, and located foreign accounts not accounted for by the International Department. In that time, he reactivated several frozen accounts, located six "lost accounts" worth several million dollars (not accounted for by the Bank), reactivated or cancelled accounts with foreign correspondents in Europe and Asia, negotiated with foreign correspondents to invest reserves and maximize revenues, and created a database and monitoring tables for all correspondent accounts and foreign reserves.
  • Senior Consultant/Credit Advisor, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Local Banks (1999–2002—USAID). Mr. Trautmann trained and advised local agent banks of USAID Business Finance on lending techniques to SMEs. He developed, implemented, and supervised a program of lending USAID funds to local banks and microcredit organizations. He assessed the credit departments of seven USAIDBF agent banks throughout Bosnia and trained the staff in order to improve its credit skills.
  • Independent Contractor, Macedonia: SME and Micro-lending Needs in Macedonia (1999—Client confidential). Mr. Trautmann spent two weeks in Skopje on assignment to carry out a study on "SME and Micro-lending Needs in Macedonia".
  • Chief Credit Officer, Azerbaijan: Agro-Industrial Bank (1998–1999—World Bank). Mr. Trautmann reorganized and strengthened the Credit Department by dividing the Bank into two major units, a loan recovery unit and a new commercial bank. He wrote and implemented lending policies, procedures, and credit guidelines, and trained the local staff in credit techniques and conducted seminars on SME lending. Mr. Trautmann also visited potential borrowers and helped bank's staff in assessing their credit worthiness. He wrote an extensive study on the agricultural and agro-processing sectors in Azerbaijan, including the financing needs and the lending opportunities for the bank.
  • Credit Advisor, Moldova: Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB) (1995–1997—EBRD). Mr. Trautmann monitored a USD 20 million line of credit granted to Agroindbank by EBRD for SME lending. He monitored and followed up the implementation of the program and reported to EBRD, visited potential clients and supervised credit approval process, and ensured that sub-loans were distributed to credit-worthy SMEs and contributed to a sound loan portfolio. Funds were disbursed to over thirty companies, with loans ranging from USD 250,000 to USD 1 million. He provided on-the-job training in order to build a core of skilled credit officers.
  • Consultant, Ukraine: Bank Ukraina (1997—Government of France). Mr. Trautmann was on a short-term assignment, part of a twinning agreement between Bank Ukraina and the French Government. He supervised lending to SMEs and helped develop credit policies.
  • Independent Business Consultant, New York: Trautmann Associates, Inc. (1991–1995). Mr. Trautmann acted as a consultant for Cheverny Associates, a New-York-based firm specializing in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. He associated with Etradex, New York, a marketing and strategic development firm, and was an advisor to the Manhattan Institute of Management (Business School, New York).
  • Vice President, New York: Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole (1980–1995). Mr. Trautmann was responsible for all commercial and lending activities of the "European Desk". This included high-level marketing and lending to subsidiaries of European companies in the United States. He cultivated correspondent banking relations with European banks in New York. He created and developed banking services to assist clients of Crédit Agricole's French branches and served as a consultant to these clients on a vast number of business matters relating to the American market.
  • Advisor to Regional Branches, International Department, France: Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole (1972–1980). Mr. Trautmann was responsible for international banking relations with branches of Crédit Agricole in France. He assisted branches in the development of their international operations' division, served as an advisor in matters pertaining to International Banking Practices and Exchange Control Regulations, and designed and conducted seminars on international banking practices and exchange control regulations for the employees of regional branches.
  • Attaché de Direction: United Kingdom: Société Française de Transports Gondrand Frères (1966–1972). Mr. Trautmann held various administrative and accounting responsibilities. He supervised freight traffic with France, created a container service division between France and Great Britain, and acted as a liaison officer for the French Head Office.

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