Consultant Profile

Michael Gegen

Associate Consultant


Mr. Gegen has 30 years of experience holding senior positions in commercial and retail banking, with assignments including on-site work in multiple countries. He is currently serving as a senior banking advisor for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Zambia. His broad financial industry experience ranges from serving as president and chief executive officer of two U.S. midwestern banks to advising and training bank executives in developing countries. Domestically and internationally, he was involved in the restructuring of banks, determining value, and improving the overall position of the banks, including liquidation and / or the sale to other financial institutions. His areas of lending expertise include agricultural loans, corporate and consumer loans, credit cards, and real estate loans. During the US savings and loan crisis, he played a role in arranging for the disposition and public sale of bankrupt savings and loan portfolios taken over by the US government.

Mr. Gegen completed a BA from the University of Missouri.

Mr. Gegen's international project work includes:

  • Senior Banking Advisor, Zambia: Countrywide Financial Sector Development Plan (current—IMF). Mr. Gegen provided technical assistance in the preparation of a countrywide financial sector development plan and the restructuring of three state-owned banks.
  • Financial Advisor, Tajikistan: Bank Restructuring (2001–2002—IMF). Mr. Gegen desiged and implemented the restructuring of two banks.
  • Senior Banking Advisor, Bosnia-Herzegovina: (2000–2001—USAID). Mr. Gegen acted as chief of party for a bank development project.
  • Senior Banking Specialist, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia: NIS Banker Training Program (1996–2000—USAID). Mr. Gegen established bank-training centres in Yerevan, Armenia, and Tbilisi, Georgia. As Regional Director for the Caucasus, he also worked in Baku, Azerbaijan, to provide training for Azeri bankers. He worked closely with Central Bank senior officers to coordinate development activities. Mr. Gegen coordinated efforts with local government agencies and international donor groups to avoid duplication and overlapping of programs.
  • Senior Banking Specialist, Moldova: NIS Banker Training Program (1994–1996—USAID). Mr. Gegen worked together with the Moldovan banking community and the Central Bank of Moldova to establish a center for training Moldovan bankers. In addition, he worked closely with the Governor of the Central Bank to liquidate several commercial banks. Under his direction, more than one hundred seminars on approximately twenty different banking topics were delivered in the NIS countries to more than 2,000 bankers. He selected and developed local administrative staff and a group of translators and taught them to market banking courses effectively.
  • Director, United States: American Enterprise Credit Union (1990–1994). Mr. Gegen served as a division head at the headquarters level in charge of the retail division with 200 employees reporting to him through nine department heads.
  • Resolution Specialist, Kansas City, Missouri: Resolution Trust Corporation (1989–1990).
  • President, Kansas City, Missouri: First Savings Bank & Trust (1987–1989).
  • Senior Vice President, Kansas City, Missouri: Boatmen's Bank & Trust (1981–1987).
  • President, CEO, Kansas City, Missouri: First National Bank Liberty (1977–1981).

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