Consultant Profile

Michael Borish

Associate Consultant, Banking Sector Restructuring and Reform


Mr. Borish has 25 years of experience holding senior positions in banking and international banking consulting with assignments including on-site work in 65 countries. He is President of Michael Borish and Company and has expertise in a range of financial sector issues, particularly banking sector reform and restructuring in CIS and Eastern European countries. He has focused on developing, emerging, and transition markets since the late 1980s. Mr. Borish has completed extensive work with central banks and private banks in CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Gulf States of the Middle East, and North America. As a Financial Analyst for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank, he worked on financial sector adjustment operations and designed lines of credit and investment operations in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Poland.

Mr. Borish completed an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1985, Bachelor of Arts (History) from the University of Wisconsin in 1978, and a Certificat de Langue et Civilisation Française from Sorbonne in 1981. Mr. Borish has more than 15 publications in internationally recognized journals. His expertise and publications have focused on banking sector reform and restructuring (central banks and private sector banks); financial analysis and credit risk evaluation; mortgage and housing finance; rural finance; postal banking; SME lines of credit; micro-finance; remittances; privatization; and securities market development.

Mr. Borish is fluent in English and French.

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