Consultant Profile

Leta Potter

Associate Consultant


Ms. Potter is a consultant advising clients including IBM on the use of educational technology in the classroom. She specializes in the use of distance learning networks to deliver literacy tools to remote communities. She also specializes in software selection to match curriculum goals and teacher training for the effective integration of technology within teaching methods.

Prior to completing her Masters in Education at Harvard University in 1993, where Ms. Potter focused on International and Poverty Education, she worked as an education specialist in Western Samoa. Ms. Potter worked with teachers in local communities in Western Samoa to improve teaching practices, expand female access to education and develop curriculum.

In 1994, Ms. Potter opened the east coast regional office for Teach for America, which provides educational solutions to impoverished communities in North America. In addition to her Masters in Education from Harvard, Ms. Potter earned a Bachelor of Education from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 1986.

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