Consultant Profile

John Sloyka

Associate Consultant, Financial Services and Banking Systems Consultant


Previous to Great Village, Mr. Sloyka was a specialist leader in Deloitte’s Emerging Markets Financial Sector Strengthening practice. He has worked extensively with central banks on their payments systems both on the functional and technical sides concentrating on skills development for the local staff. Incorporating elements of change management he has been able to transfer skills and knowledge while producing deliverables to bring the payments departments up to world class standards. Mr. Sloyka has worked with several central banks and the related ministry of finance to migrate salary and other payments from a manual basis to automated, in the case of salary through direct deposit. In addition, he has worked to facilitate mobile commerce as an additional vehicle by which to make payments. Mr. Sloyka has broad managerial talent and has been a key staff member on many USAID projects

Mr. Sloyka has extensive international experience including: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Cyprus, Egypt, Jamaica, Qatar, Belize, Southern Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Montenegro, Indonesia, Kosovo, Bolivia, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Peru and Singapore

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