Consultant Profile

John Rusczyk

Associate Consultant


Mr. Rusczyk is a specialist in rural finance, micro-finance and rural entrepreneur support. Prior to joining Great Village, Mr. Rusczyk was Financial Services Marketing Director for Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development, working primarily in developing countries to build micro-finance capacity in rural settings.

Mr. Rusczyk recently lived for two years in Kazakhstan, researching, developing and testing marketing plans for the successful start-up of a $1.2 million nationwide micro-credit program, the Kazakhstan Agricultural Fund, focused on Kazakhstan's rural entrepreneurs, including farmers and SMEs.

Mr. Rusczyk has developed operational procedures and has established a system of collateral and risk approval, disbursements and reporting for micro-credit operations.

Mr. Rusczyk has conducted seminars and individual training sessions to educate and develop field representatives, management and staff in all aspects of micro-credit.

He has conducted extensive preparation, review and appraisal missions with respect to micro-credit facilities.

Mr. Rusczyk speaks English and conversational Spanish, Polish and Russian. He is an American citizen.

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