Consultant Profile

John Horrocks

Associate Consultant, Number Portability and Local Loop Unbundling Advisor


Mr. Horrocks is Managing Director of Horrocks Technology Limited, consulting on policy, technical and regulatory issues in telecommunications, and writing and publishing books on these subjects. A former Deputy Technical Director at Oftel (UK Regulator), he has been active in technical regulation of EU telecommunications for over 20 years. Mr. Horrocks is a Chartered engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, and holds a BSc (1st class honurs) from Southampton University in the UK.

His consulting assignments include

  • Chairman: Electronics Communications Committee (ECC) Project Team Technical Regulations Interconnection and Standards (TRIS) (current). The committee has worked on various aspects of interconnection.
  • Vice chairman: ETSI TISPAN working group on numbering (current). The working group also handles some interconnection issues. He is rapporteur for a report on interconnection.
  • UK NICC group on numbering relating to interconnection (current). Mr. Horrocks is an active participant in the UK NICC group on numbering relating to interconnection.
  • Chairman: ETSI Technical Body on Speech Transmission and Quality (STQ) (1997–2004).
  • Malta (2005–2006). Revised the numbering plan for Malta.
  • Malta (2005–2006). Prepared a regime for premium rate services in Malta.
  • Advisor: Strategies for VoIP (2005—Major European incumbent). Advised a major European incumbent on strategies for VoIP.
  • Ireland: VoIP training (2005—Eircom). Ran in-house courses for Eircom on VoIP.
  • Advisor, Spain: ENUM trial (2005—Government of Spain). Advised Spanish Government on possible trial for ENUM, reviewing results of trials in other countries.
  • United Kingdom: Studies on VoIP growth (2001, 2004—UK Home Office). Undertook studies for the UK Home Office on the development of NGNs and the effect of competition with the Internet and the growth of VoIP (2004), and on the expected development of VoIP in the period 2001-2007 (2001).

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