Consultant Profile

David Rogerson

Associate Consultant, Senior Market Analysis and Interconnection


Mr. Rogerson is a Director of Incyte Consulting, specialist telecoms regulatory and policy practice. He is based near Edinburgh in Scotland. Mr. Rogerson has over 23 years experience in the industry, most of it at senior level in Ovum, and has managed and provided expert input into client projects on interconnection and market analysis in many countries, including a vast range of developing economies in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. He is renowned world-wide as a leading advisor to regulators and operators on access and interconnection, local loop unbundling and number portability. Mr. Rogerson has advised many of the world's leading telecommunications companies, particularly in relation to regulatory economics and the shaping of a policy framework for industry liberalisation. He has vast experience in the area of regulatory frameworks, market analysis, and interconnection policy, and has been involved as an advisor and expert witness for many clients around the world.

Mr. Rogerson is the author of several Ovum published reports, including Implementing Cost-based Interconnection (1999), IP interconnect: Commercial, Technical and Regulatory Dynamics (2002), and Mobile Termination Rates (2004).

Selected assignments over the past 5 years have included the following roles. He has

  • Advisor, Montenegro: Telecommunications Agency. Advised the Telecommunications Agency in Montenegro on regulatory reforms consistent with the European Union regulatory framework, with particular responsibility for tariffing and interconnection.
  • Saudi Arabia (CITC). Conducted a study for the CITC in Saudi Arabia to define relevant markets for ex-ante regulation, to assess the extent of competition, and to prepare remedies for dominance where appropriate.
  • South . Developed regulatory submissions for an operator in South Africa to shape the emerging regulatory framework for call termination and leased lines.
  • Korea. Undertook a review of the economic impact of ICT policy in Korea, with recommendations on how to improve economic performance through better use of ICT.
  • Manager, Trinidad & Tobago: regulatory framework for competition (TATT). Managed study for TATT, the regulatory authority in Trinidad & Tobago, to develop the regulatory framework for competition.
  • Saudi Arabia: reference offers for interconnection and access (CITC). Assisted the CITC in Saudi Arabia with the development of reference offers for interconnection and access. Undertook extensive international benchmarking and prepared public consultation documents.
  • Saudi Arabia: tariff approval process and set interconnection prices based on LRIC. Directed a major assignment for the regulatory authority in Saudi Arabia, to develop a tariff approval process and set interconnection prices based on LRIC.
  • Manager, Pakistan: develop LRIC model and accounting separation procedures (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority). Managed an assignment for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to develop a LRIC model and accounting separation procedures.
  • Kyrgyz Republic: development of cost-based interconnection regime (Kyrgyz telecoms regulator) Advised the telecoms regulator in the Kyrgyz Republic on the development of cost-based interconnection regime to aid competition in the telecoms market.
  • Romania: construction of LRIC cost model for mobile networks. Directed a study for the Romanian regulator on the construction of a LRIC cost model for mobile networks.

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