Consultant Profile

C. David Clark

Associate Consultant


Mr. Clark is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer and consultant experienced in leading major organizational change and building shareholder value in the Agribusiness sector. Mr. Clark has provided strategic and operating advice and leadership to small and large companies in the agribusiness sector. He is also an experienced director of public companies.

Mr. Clark is former Chairman, President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company Ltd. in Canada and Executive Vice President, International Division, Campbell Soup Company in the U.S. He is also former President, CEO, Thomas J. Lipton Ltd, a Unilever packaged foods subsidiary, and prior to that, a senior marketing and sales executive with Colgate Palmolive, Procter and Gamble and other packaged goods companies. He is also the former Chairman, Grocery Products Manufacturers of Canada.

Mr. Clark has hands-on experience in soups, stews, sauces, tea, ice cream novelties, frozen meals, and a wide variety of other heat processed, frozen and chilled convenience foods in North American and European markets.

Mr. Clark led Campbell Soup's European Food Group through two years of rapid internal and external growth, including the successful completion of four acquisitions. He led a major turnaround of Campbell Canada followed by 10 years of outstanding growth driven in part by pasta and soup acquisitions. He also founded CDC Capital Inc. a private merchant bank, and CDC Consulting Inc., which advised client CEOs with McKinsey Consulting, AT&T Canada and others on strategic management and change management. He is a former partner at Hurlow Partners Inc, a medium sized private merchant bank.

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