Consultant Profile

Constantinos (Dino) Peponis

Associate Consultant


Mr. Peponis has more than 30 years of experience holding senior positions in operations management and bank restructuring, having performed work in the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the CIS and South East Asia. He is an independent consultant with expertise in a range of areas in the financial sector, particularly operations, banking sector reform and restructuring, process re-engineering, automation, and anti-money laundering. As a Senior Consultant for 10 years with BearingPoint, Mr. Peponis advised on the restructuring of a number of central banks and commercial banks in Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina and other international markets. Previously, at Citibank, Mr. Peponis worked in both operations and technology and as a consultant for re-engineering projects.

Mr. Peponis completed a Bachelor of Commerce from the Cambridge School of Business in 1962. He is fluent in English and speaks functional Greek. Mr. Peponis holds both U.S. and E.U. passports.

Mr. Peponis's international project work includes:

  • Senior Consultant, Sudan (2005–2007—Bank of Southern Sudan). Mr. Peponis worked on new organization structure, installation of communications, banking, and payment systems, and on staff training to enable conversion of operations from Islamic to conventional banking. Also, he worked on regulations to support micro-finance institutions and participated in regular MFI committee meetings to support/enhance their efforts.
  • Senior Consultant, Kenya (2005—Central Bank of Kenya). Mr. Peponis conducted a review of operations at Central Bank of Kenya and made recommendations for greater efficiency and controls.
  • Senior Advisor, Iraq (2003–2004—Six Government-owned Banks). Mr. Peponis conducted an overall assessment of bank operations and made key recommendations for improvement. Later made an in-depth assessment of loan operations at largest of the six banks and effected organizational and procedural changes to meet immediate needs for supporting SME loan processing. Then, advised management on full-scale restructuring and automation of the largest bank. Prepared specifications for new system and reviewed proposals from vendors. Assignment terminated abruptly due to security concerns.
  • Senior Advisor, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2000–2002—Three Commercial Banks). Mr. Peponis was responsible for restructuring their operations under a USAID-sponsored program. Mr. Peponis advised on improving the bank's organization structures, workflows, and operating procedures to become more efficient, improve customer service and become more attractive financially to potential foreign investors. Additionally, Mr. Peponis wrote procedures and advised the banks on the implementation of a new National Payment System (clearing), which replaced the former state-owned payment bureaus and developed training material on "dirty money" (anti-money laundering).
  • Senior Consultant, Egypt (1999—National Bank of Egypt). Mr. Peponis was responsible for training local team to develop and implement operating procedures on accounting and control. Responsibilities also included development of a staffing model for use throughout the bank's branch network.
  • Senior Advisor, Moldova (1998—National Bank of Moldova). Mr. Peponis was responsible for designing and implementing a new chart of accounts and for restructuring its operations in key areas (such as foreign department, accounting department, and internal audit) to comply with the international accounting standards and to become more efficient.
  • Senior Consultant, Mexico (1997—BanCrece). Mr. Peponis was responsible for the restructuring of regional offices (13 regional centers). He (with a local team of 5) redefined the bank's regional office structure and designed a standardized regional office model, which would allow better customer service, avoid duplication and make processes more efficient. As a result, potential savings to the bank were estimated at between $30–40 million per year.
  • Senior Advisor, Moldova (1995–1997—National Bank of Moldova). Mr. Peponis served as senior advisor to the National Bank of Moldova as well as a Project Manager for the banks' accounting reform sponsored by USAID. His responsibilities included the development and implementation of a new chart of accounts for all the commercial banks of the country (27), the development of training materials, and the training of National Bank's and commercial banks' managerial and clerical staff on the new accounting practices and the international accounting standards.
  • Operations and Technology Manager, New York (1993–1995—Citibank). As an active member of the Product Development Team of Citibank Financial Information and Infrastructure Services, Mr. Peponis was responsible for defining new products and meeting delivery requirements. Two of the potentially new products were the creation of a worldwide "currency" and a clearing system, which would guarantee instantaneous settlement, safety and high return. He held extensive meetings with customer relationship managers abroad, primarily in Europe and the Far East, to discuss product concept and identify potential customers (global companies), and worked with them to promote/sell the new concept.
  • Senior Consultant, New York: Bank Consulting Division (1990–1993—Citicorp). Mr. Peponis managed a full-scale bank re-engineering project for a major state owned bank in Indonesia and a retail credit process project for a commercial bank in Thailand. He conducted various diagnostic assignments in other banks in the Far East and Middle East. In his capacity as resident consultant, he trained local teams on methodology, approach and tools required to carry out the projects and to attain the desired results: more competitive services, greater customer satisfaction, improved methods and procedures, documented procedures, workflows, MIS reporting, controls, job descriptions, and a cadre of trained staff to carry on re-engineering, capacity planning, and product/unit costing.
  • Project Manager, New York: Mortgage Business (1987–1990—Citicorp). Mr. Peponis managed the conversion of the business from an existing automated system to a new one selected as Citicorp's standard for North America. In this capacity, he prepared processing flows for the new system, modified operating procedures, coordinated development and testing of the required system enhancements, and managed the implementation of the new system.
  • Senior Operations Officer, Kuwait (1985 to 1987—Gulf Investment Corporation). Peponis was responsible for the start-up of this investment bank, which was capitalized ($2 billion) by the six Gulf States. He was also responsible for the implementation of the administrative infrastructure, including procedure development, staff recruiting, training, and automation. Latter implemented for all investment products of the bank.
  • Regional Operations Manager, Saudi Arabia (1982–1985—Saudi American Bank). Mr. Peponis ran the Retail Business Services Unit, including trade products, tellers, and clearing functions. He also managed a project that decreased the percentage of expatriate employees while improving customer service through the improvement of teller procedures, implementation of new, more efficient client services, and automation.