Consultant Profile

Colm Halloran

Associate Consultant, Processed Meat Export and Marketing


Colm Halloran has extensive experience in the international trading and development of import / export markets for processed meat products, as well as other primary food products. As Business Development Manager and Senior International Trader for major European processed meat import/export firms, traders, meat processing companies, and processed meat distributors, Mr. Halloran has managed all aspects of the international sales and marketing, contract negotiation and financing of processed meats.

Mr. Halloran brings to meat processing clients his extensive experience in assessing markets, as well as negotiating and fulfilling sales contracts for fresh, frozen and processed meat products to buyers in Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa. His experience extends to the management of all aspects of meat processing marketing, sales and distribution, from completing competitive market analyses, to developing successful marketing strategies, to negotiation of sales and purchase contracts, managing quality control, foreign exchange risk, shipping and logistics and administration of the contracts.

Mr. Halloran's experience and capabilities include the following:

  • Former Business Development Manager and Senior International Trader, AB O Annerstedt, Sweden, a major importer, exporter and distributor of fresh, frozen and processed meats and other primary food products in Northern Europe with subsidiaries in Norway, Poland, Ireland, Spain and Russia. While there, he worked closely with Russian banks, Russian regulatory authorities and producers to prepare financial and operational reviews of Russian meat processors.
  • Senior International Trader and Shipping and Logistics Manager, Agra Meat Packers, Ireland, now the export division of Kepak Group, one of Europe's leading meat processing companies. Managed trading, shipping and logistical distribution of products throughout Europe and the Middle East.
  • Trader, Oils and Proteins, Tradax Gestion SA, Geneva, a commodity trading subsidiary of Cargill Inc.
  • B.A. at University College Dublin, Ireland, in 1977 and an M.B.A (1st Class Honours) at The Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin, in 2003.
  • Fluent in English with basic Russian, Swedish and French.
  • Citizen of Ireland.

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