Consultant Profile

Charles Scott

Associate Consultant


Mr. Scott is an experienced Chief Executive Officer in the Food Processing sector, with a strong engineering and operations background and a breadth of international consulting experience. Mr. Scott is former President of Weston Bakeries, President and Chairman of Ralston Purina Canada, President and CEO of Dominion Dairies (Sealtest), a division of Kraft Foods USA.

Mr. Scott has carried out recent Eastern European consulting assignments in Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. In Ukraine, he advised a privatized dairy on corporate re-engineering and strategy, including leading training seminars for management. In Poland he advised a bread, roll and pastry manufacturer with respect to operational, organizational, marketing and logistics issues. In Slovakia he advised a snack food company regarding export strategy and international partnerships.

Mr. Scott is past Chairman of Grocery Product Manufacturers of Canada, past Vice Chairman of Bakery Council of Canada, and Chairman of Guelph Food Technology Centre. He is on the advisory board of Canada's largest egg producer and processor, leading cheese and dairy products processor and a baked goods company.

Mr. Scott is a Professional Engineer, and earned a Bachelor of Science (Engineering and Business) at the University of Toronto, Masters of Business Administration at McMaster University and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard.

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